.22 Benchrest

Our group meets once a month over the summer to shoot competitive benchrest using .22 rimfire rifles only at 50yds. All matches start at 2pm for the first relay and a second relay (if needed) will start shortly after 3pm. Each relay shoots two of the Smallbore Rifle 25-bullseye targets below, in a time limit of 30 minutes per target, with a 5-minute sight-in time allowed preceeding the first target.

All competitors are asked to bring their own rest, ammo and for safety reasons, an ECI (Empty Chamber Indicator) to indicate the rifle is safe and unloaded when not in use.

There are two classes of rifles which are recognized:
Light Rifle Class: Any rifle with any sights which weighs 8.5lbs or less; and
Unlimited Class: Any rifle with any sights which weighs over 8.5lbs.

2019 Schedule:
Sat April 27th
Sat May 25th
Sat June 29th
Sun July 28th
Sat Aug 31st

1st Relay starts at 2:00pm
2nd Relay (if needed) starts shortly after 3pm
Fee: $5.00 per match. You can enter and shoot both classes using a different rifle.

For more information or to sign up for the next shoot, please contact:
Dave Allen at (716) 763-5000 or at lizardvolts@yahoo.com

Below are the Match Results for each Season...

2019 JRC .22 Benchrest Season Results.pdf

2018 JRC .22 Benchrest Season Results.pdf

2017 JRC .22 Benchrest Season Results.pdf

2016 JRC .22 Benchrest Season Results.pdf