JJRC Match Results

Below are the Match Results for Jr. Club hosted matches...

2018 Results:
2018 USA Shooting Jr. Olympics.pdf
2018 NRA Jr. 3P Smallbore Sectional.pdf
2018 NRA Jr. Air Rifle Sectional.pdf
2018 NRA Open 3P Smallbore Sectional.pdf
2018 NRA Light Rifle Standing Smallbore Sectional.pdf
2018 NRA-NYSRPA 3P Smallbore Regional.pdf
2018 NRA-NYSRPA Prone Smallbore Regional.pdf

2017 Results:
2017 USA Shooting Jr. Olympics.pdf
2017 NRA Jr. 3P Smallbore Sectional.pdf
2017 NRA Jr. Air Sectional.pdf
2017 NRA Open Smallbore Sectional.pdf
2017 NRA 3P Smallbore Regional.pdf
2017 NRA Prone Smallbore Regional.pdf
2017 Jamestown/Rochester 3P Regional.pdf
2017 Jamestown/Rochester 3P Regional with Dewar Results.pdf

If you have any questions regarding these results, please contact Jennifer Schmitt at (716) 487-2487 or jschmitt1452@yahoo.com.