Jamestown Junior Rifle Club

The Jamestown Junior Rifle Club or "JJRC" is the official Junior sub-division of the Jamestown Rifle Club. Our youth-oriented program concentrates on promoting safe and responsible firearm handling while providing advancement opportunities in the competitive shooting sports. The mature young men and women who have been and currently are in our program prove to be excellent ambassadors of responsible firearm use and ownership. Our Juniors have gone on to become NRA and CMP National Champions, set NRA and CMP National Records, serve our Country in the U.S. Military and earn College Scholarships while pursuing studies in the areas of Medicine, Law Enforcement, Engineering and the Arts. We have a very well-rounded group of youth who enjoy shooting for fun, while maintaining safety and participating in Local, Regional, State, National and International Competitions. The JJRC Program runs on Thursday evenings at 6pm from September through July, with the year being divided into two parts: Indoor Season and Outdoor Season.


Indoor Season

While the new youth participants are attending the Fall NRA Basic Rifle Class (click here for more info), those Juniors who have already successfully completed the course in the past will return the first Thursday after Labor Day in September and will begin the 10 weeks of Practice on the Indoor 50ft. Range. During the Indoor Season, which lasts from September through April, the Juniors shoot one target in each of the four positions (Prone, Standing, Kneeling and Sitting) at 50ft, on a weekly basis. At least one of the Junior Coaches will be on the range at all times while firing is taking place.

All equipment is provided by the club if the shooter doesn't own any (including rifle and ammunition). We charge $7/week to cover the cost of using the club and equipment.

Starting the Thursday after Thanksgiving and continuing through April, the new Juniors who have completed the NRA Basic Rifle Class will join the returning Juniors to shoot the "Trophy Shoot". The Trophy Shoot is a 16-week indoor competition, where each week Juniors compete amongst each other for club awards. During this time they also continue to work toward earning their NRA Marksmanship Awards as well.

During the months of January and February, the Junior Club hosts several competitions which allow the Juniors to compete on both the State and National levels. The USA Shooting State Junior Olympic Championships, NRA Junior 3-Postion Smallbore and Standing Air Rifle Sectionals and NRA Open 3-Position Smallbore Sectionals allow our youth to compete against other Junior and Adult shooters from our club, across NY State and even across the country!

Upon the completion of the Indoor Season, we host a Family Night, in which we invite all family members to the range for a fun shoot. On the third week in April we hold our Indoor Junior Banquet, where all the match and marksmanship awards the Juniors have earned over the Indoor Season are presented to them in front of family and friends. The Thursday after the Banquet, we move outside and start...

Outdoor Season

Starting the Thursday after the Indoor Banquet and lasting until mid-July, the Juniors will move outside to the 100yd Range. During this time, they fire on the 50yd and 100yd Smallbore Rifle targets in preperation for the NRA 3-Position Smallbore Regional match in May and the NRA Prone Smallbore Regional match in June. For those Juniors who will be traveling to either Bristol, Indiana to fire in the NRA Smallbore 3-Position and Prone National Championships, or to Camp Perry, Ohio to fire in the CMP Smallbore 3-Position and Prone National Matches, this time on the range is crucial for preparing for National competition!

Once the Outdoor Season concludes, the Juniors enjoy time off before we meet again in September, and start it all over again!

If you would like more information about our youth programs, or would like to become involved, please contact the Coaching Staff / Instructors:
Wayne Wedburg at (716) 450-6456
Jennifer Schmitt at (716) 487-2487 or jschmitt1452@yahoo.com