NY State Pistol Permit Classes

The Jamestown Rifle Club will be holding NY State Pistol Permit Classes for those interested in receiving their New York State Pistol Permit. All classes are taught by NRA & Chautauqua County Certified Pistol Instructors, who are NOT compensated for their time; they volunteer to teach the class. All proceeds go to the Jamestown Rifle Club to help support the shooting sports.

For more information regarding this and additional requirements for obtaining a NYS Pistol Permit Permit in Chautauqua County, click here to visit the Chautauqua County Sheriff Pistol Permit Office website.

~All instruction and shooting is done on our indoor range, so all classes WILL be run regardless of weather~

2023 NYS "Possess On Premises Only" Pistol Permit Class Schedule:
February 26th
April 23rd
June 25th
August 27th
October 22nd
December 3rd

*We are now able to hold the Chautauqua County 5-hour Pistol Permit Class which must be taken before applying for the NYS Possess on Premises Firearm License / Pistol Permit in Chautauqua County. This Firearm License / Pistol Permit allows a person to have a pistol(s) at their Residence and also be able to transport said pistol(s) back and forth to a Range.

This is NOT for a Carry Concealed Firearm License / Pistol Permit. That is a seperate License / Permit that requires 16 hours of Classroom Training and 2 hours of Range Time. Currently, Chautauqua County does not have an approved course for a Carry Concealed Firearm License / Pistol Permit.

  • Participants MUST be at least 21 years old or will be turning 21 within 1 year of the class.

  • Must be a Chautauqua County Resident or PA Resident working in Chautauqua County.

  • Pre-Registration is required (see below).

  • Photo ID required for the class.

  • Course fee: $80.00.

  • Class begins at 1:00pm and lasts approx. 5 hours.

All classes will be held at our club located at:

2882 Busti-Stillwater Rd.
(Co. Rt. 380)
Jamestown, NY 14701

Registration is now open! Click here to register for any of our 2023 Classes.

*There will be no refunds given for no-shows. Instead, the option to reschedule into another offered class date will be available. Please contact us ASAP if you cannot make a class so that we can reschedule you!*

If you have any questions regarding the classes, the registration process, or to reschedule a missed class, please email us at jrcpistolclass@yahoo.com or contact Michael Healy at (716) 499-4899.

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Follow us on Facebook for the latest news about upcoming classes!

*Classes are filling up fast! Don't wait, sign up now!*