Sporterifle League

NYS Sporterifle is a State-wide indoor league which consists of clubs from across NY State, who compete weekly in some friendly postal match competition. We shoot along with the Light Rifle League on Friday evenings on the Indoor 50ft. Range, from September through February. Shooters can fire one set of scores and shoot in both leagues, as both use the same target (above). Our program, like Light Rifle, is aimed at getting folks to bring their .22's down to the range and shoot targets. In Sporterifle, your rifle must not weigh more than 7.5lbs (including scope) if it is to be in the Any Sight Class and can weigh more than 7.5lbs in the Iron Sight Class. Magazines and tube-fed rifles are not allowed, only single-shot bolt .22's are permitted.

The Sporterifle Course of Fire is a total of 30 shots (3 targets) each week in the Standing position only. Per Sporterifle Rules, only women and senior shooters may rest their forearm in their side while shooting; all others must extend their forearm away from the body while firing. Fired targets are submitted to the Sporterifle Captain each week for league record keeping and submission to the NYS Sporterifle website for determining weekly individual standings/averages and team results. If you would like to shoot ahead in order to make sure you don't miss a league night, that is permitted, just please notify the Captain in advance. Each target fired consists of 10 record shots (2 shots per record bullseye) and unlimited sighters on the NRA A-32 target (above) in a time limit of 10 minutes.

During the holidays, we host a "Holiday Shoot" where shooters shoot a designated set of targets, which are submitted to NYS Sporterifle for State-wide results and prizes.

At the end of the season, we host a "Friday Night" Banquet along with Light Rifle, to celebrate the accomplishments of our shooters in State-wide competition.

The fee to shoot all 21 matches during the season is only $42.00

If you would like more information about the Sporterifle League, please contact Craig Broberg, Sporterifle League Captain, at (716) 569-5817