Youth Target Rifle Class

Each year the Jamestown Junior Rifle Club ("JJRC") hosts two NRA Basic Rifle Classes for youth who are interested in learning how to shoot and become involved in the competitive shooting sports. The class is taught by NRA Certified Rifle Instructors who also serve as the Coaching Staff for the JJRC Program. Typically one class is held in the Spring and one is in the Fall each year. Per NYS Law, all interested youth participants must be at least 12 years old in order to fire the .22 rifles used in this course, but we will make exceptions in accordance with the Law for youth under the age of 12 by allowing them to use air rifles instead during the live-fire portion of the class.

Topics which are covered in the NRA Basic Rifle Class are: Types of Rifles, Firearm Parts / Handling, Safety, Ammunition, Basic Marksmanship Skills (in the Prone, Standing, Kneeling and Sitting Positions), and Ways to Become Involved / Shooting Sports Organizations and Competitive Programs.

All students will receive at least 8 hours of instruction (as required by NRA). The majority of time in the beginning of the class will be spent in the classroom. Once students enter the live-fire portion, then the majority of time during the class will be spent on the range. At the completion of the class, all students will take a test to assess the skills they have gained. Upon passing the test, students will be issued an NRA Basic Practical Certificate, and will be able to join the Jamestown Junior Rifle Club Program on Thursday evenings and become involved in all the competitive opportunities they provide for youth. For more information on the Jamestown Junior Rifle Club Program, click here.

The next Youth NRA Basic Rifle Course will be held:
*Classes will be held on an "As Needed" basis. Contact Wayne and Jen for more information*
Please contact Wayne or Jen if you are interested in having your youth attend a class.
All students are asked to attend all classes in order to attain the 8 hours of training as required by the NRA.

Wayne Wedburg at (716) 450-6456
Jennifer Schmitt at (716) 487-2487 or at
*Please include "Youth Rifle Class" in the email subject line*

*Next, please print and complete the NRA Basic Rifle Course Form and bring that and the $50.00 course fee with you to the class.

If you have any questions regarding the class or the JJRC Program, contact Wayne or Jen using the contact info above.