This page provides the latest news and updates for Club Members from Club Meetings, as well as to provide information to the Membership from the Board of Directors.

#From the January 2, 2023 Club Meeting: Happy New Year! Thank you to all who helped at the work party to put in the backstop, it looks great! A reminder was given for all Life Members to please return their info forms ASAP. At the Board Meeting the expenditures of the club were discussed, with focus on the loss of the Pistol permit classes. We are ok as long as we don't have any major expenditures. The NRA Grants have helped us a lot with this! The Board will continue to discuss the Life Membership change in the coming months. Sporterifle is still asking for more people to come down and shoot. A Work Party was scheduled for Sat 1/7 at 9am to clean up inside and on the Indoor Range prior to the Indoor Matches starting this month. The USA Shooting Jr. Olympic Match will be the weekend of Sat/Sun Jan 21st and 22nd. Volunteers to help with the match are welcome and will receive Work Party credit toward their membership. Please see Wayne or Jen to volunteer. Jen asked for all program leaders to please get their dates for their 2023 events to her ASAP so she can get them on the physical club and webpage calendars. The Pistol Permit classes for the "On-Premises Only" 5 hour class Permit have been given the ok to resume by the County. The first one will be Sunday Feb 26th at 1pm. We are still waiting on the County to approve and release the criteria to do the 16hr Concealed Carry class. The next JAWS class will be Sat 1/28 with sessions at 10:30am and 1:30pm (CORRECTION - CLASS TIMES WILL BE 10AM AND 1PM PER THE JAWS FB PAGE). More info and signups will be on the Facebook page and website soon. The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, February 6, 2023 at 7:30pm.

#From the December 5, 2022 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. The Work Party on December 3rd went well, thank you to all who helped! The new backstop panels were put in before the Indoor Matches start in January. Dave said that Scott Electric in Fredonia had a sale on 4' LED replacement tube lights for the range for $87.75/case. He made a motion for the club to purchase 2 cases of lights. Motion was 2nd, all voted in favor, none opposed. Sporterifle needs more shooters! They only have about 7 people shooting this year, which is way low. Mike Healy asked everyone to please be sure to sign in legibly so you get meeting attendance credit. It was a very short meeting! The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, January 2, 2023 at 7:30pm.

#From the November 7, 2022 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. Thank you to all who came to the Work Party and helped clean up around the club! Dave Allen and Mike Healy have redone the forms that will be sent out to the membership. Recertification for NYS Pistol Permits done bfore 9/1/22 was 5 yrs then was changed to 3 yrs by NYS after 9/1/22. Some who did it after 9/1 are showing as only good for 1 yr; per the NYS Police it is due to incomplete paperwork. Any questions, see Mike Healy. The Tuesday night 4-Position rifle league will start next Tues 11/15. They need people to shoot with the team! Nominations were reopened. Bruce Galbraith was nominated to run against Boyd Shaffer for the 2025 Directorship. Mike Jackson said he will continue in the Board set he filled as interim through 2024. A vote took place for Boyd vs. Bruce with eligible voting members present. The count was Boyd 20 counts and Bruce 10 counts. The Secretary cast a unanimous ballot for the slate of the Officers. A Work Party will be held on Sat December 3rd at 9am to inside general clean-up. Volunteers are needed and will receive credit toward their membership. The Chaut Co Friends of NRA will meet on Wed 11/16 at 7:30pm at the Frewsburg Legion to plan for the 2023 Event. All are welcome to attend! We unfortuantely lost a member who was intregel in the JAWS program... our thoughts and prayers go out to her family at this sad time... It was decided that the JAWS program will continue in her honor. The next class will be Sat 11/19 with classes at 10:30am and 1:30pm. The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, December 5, 2022 at 7:30pm.

#From the October 3, 2022 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. The Legion Gun Raffle was a success and provided income to the club. JAWS had two classes on 9/24 with good attendance. The support from the Club Members who volunteered to help at the Busti Historical Society Apple Festival was good. It was a rainy day plus had a Bills game so overall festival attendance was low. Leftover food items will be available for purchase by club members and the remaining buns have been donated to the St. Susan's Center. A final report regarding the expenditures/profit will be made at the Board Meeting later this month and also at the Membership meeting next month. Nominations of Officers took place. Nominations for positions were accepted as follows: Wayne Wedburg (President), Charlie Cardinale (Vice President), Jennifer Schmitt (Secretary), Larry Marvell (Treasurer), Boyd Shaffer (2025 Officer) and Mike Jackson (2024 Officer). A Work Party was scheduled for Saturday 10/22 at 9am to clean up and burn the brush around the club. The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, November 7, 2022 at 7:30pm.

#From the September 12, 2022 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. We held the last Pistol Permit class on Aug 28th and had 21 students attend. They all were told to get all paperwork in before the new law took affect on 9/1. An update was given regarding JAWS: the duties will be split up amongst a couple ladies. The next class will be Sat 9/24 at 10:30am and 1:30pm. Sporterifle will start on Friday 9/6. There will be 2 relays: 4pm and 6:30pm. A New Junior Class will start on Thurs 10/6 at 6pm. Let Wayne and Jen know if you have a youth who is interested! The club was approached by Bob & Judy Schultz regarding the club selling hamburgers/hot dogs and chips at the upcoming Busti Historical Society Apple Festival on Sun 9/25. There is definite interest to do so and a committee will be formed and pursue this further. Right now 30% of our membership qualifies for Life Membership. We are looking to put a temporary stop to the Life Memberships while we assess the change in club budgeting resulting from the hold on Pistol Permit classes. A motion was made to temp stop the Life Memberships for 12 months while the Board assesses the situation. Motion was 2nd, all in favor, none opposed. If you have any Legion raffle tickets, please turn them in to Charlie or Dave Allen ASAP. The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, October 3, 2022 at 7:30pm.

#From the August 1, 2022 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. Thanks to all who helped with the Work Party to distribute the gravel in the driveway and around the 50yd line! There are not many signed up to do the NYS Hunter Safety Class... The tickets for the Legion Gun Raffle are on the table by the office, please take some now so they don't have to be mailed to you! The Chaut Co Federation had to cancel their Steak Fry fundraiser; they are not getting many reps from the area clubs attending meetings and helping with events anymore. Mike Healy discussed the upcoming changes regarding the Pistol Permit classes. The County is waiting on the State for guidance regarding the Pistol Permit process and classes after 9/1/22. We will be holding a class on 8/28 which is right before the cut off date; all students will have to get their paperwork in ASAP after the class. One of our Junior members passed away suddenly at the end of July... a moment of silence was held for him. We ask that the membership please keep his family in their prayers at this difficult time. The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, September 12, 2022 at 7:30pm.

#From the July 11, 2022 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. The truck broke down for the guy who was going to take down the pine trees, so we are still waiting for it to be done. Our NRA Gold Level Club grant was submitted and we should know the status next month. The gravel was delivered and is in the parking lot. It will be distributed around the parking lot and 50 yard line shortly. Thank you to everyone who helped at the CMP Outdoor Matches! JAWS is in restructuring, they will give a report to the Board and then the Membership. Watch the calendar for when Law Enforcement is using the ranges; try to avoid using the range by them or approaching them on the range while they are using it. This is for everyone's safety. We will have a Work Party on Sat 7/23 at 9am to distribute the gravel. Someone stole the Port-A-John from our parking lot! A report was filed with LBPD. It was also discovered that someone shot at the window in the office, breaking the glass in the window. Busti Historical Society down the road also had shots at one of their windows as well. This reintroduced consideration of a video surveillance system. A vote was held for the club to help sponsor one of our Juniors to attend the CMP Smallbore National Matches with the NYS Jr. Team. JAWS is looking to start up the program again on the last Saturday in September. Charlie will be holding a NYS Hunter Safety Class here on Aug 14th from 8am-5pm. All homework must be done online prior to the class. The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, August 1, 2022 at 7:30pm.

#From the June 6, 2022 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. Thank you to all who helped with the Work party last month to hang up the range signs. Wayne hasn't heard yet regarding the status of JAWS. We will be taking down the two pine trees on the edge of the parking lot. There is a concern regarding members approaching Law Enforcement while they are using the ranges for qualifications. We may need to put up signs that the ranges are closed while they are here. Please respect their presence and leave them alone while they are using the ranges. The NRA Gold Level Range Grant is open, helpers are needed to help us apply. We are looking to put more gravel along the raod and 50 yard line. We will be running the CMP Outdoor Smallbore "Leg" Matches this month. June 11th-12th will be Prone and June 25th will be 3-Position. Volunteers to help with the match are welcome! We received a "Thank You" card from Ben D'Angelo for the club supporting him going to the National Jr Olympic Championship at Hillsdale College last month. Anyone who can help with mowing would be greatly appreciated; please see Wayne. The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, July 11, 2022 at 7:30pm.

#From the May 2, 2022 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. The Work Party on April 23rd went well and a lot got done outside. The Junior Club dinner went well last Thursday. The club computer is going down the tubes and it was recommended to get a new one. A motion was made for a newer computer, motion was 2nd and approved. Larry will order the Port-A-Johns for the parking lot. There will be a Hunter Ed Class on May 22nd; students have to go online to do the required work first! Wayne said there are old scopes and shooting coats from the attic which we need to get rid of. Another Work Party is scheduled for Sat May 14th at 9am to put the signs up. Benchrest starts Sat May 7th and Silhouette starts the 21st along with JAWS. Wayne spoke with Tri-James about the gravel; he just needs to get a check and go get it to put around where the cement pad on the 50yd range is to grade off. Fundraiser tickets for the Guernsey Hollow Cemetary are available. The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, June 6, 2022 at 7:30pm.

#From the April 4, 2022 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. The Work Party cleaned up and organized the attic. Wayne said there are a number of items to be trashed or sold. At the March 28th Board of Directors Meeting, Mike Jackson was voted to assume the position of Interim Board Director until the next scheduled vote in November. The tractor was delivered on April 4th. One of our Juniors, Ben D'Angelo, received an invitation to compete in the USA Shooting National Junior Olympic Championships at Hillsdale College. A motion was made for the club to donate $550 toward his expenses. Motion was 2nd and approved. Wayne recognized Kathy Benware and Al Bean for their awards during the 2021-2022 Sporterifle Season. Another Work Party was scheduled for Sat April 23rd at 9am to clean the club, parking lot and put up the gates. The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, May 2, 2022 at 7:30pm.

#From the March 7, 2022 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. If anyone still has Friends of NRA tickets, please turn them in to Charlie. Bill Squire did an audit on the club books with Larry and said everything was in good order. There has been ongoing discussion regarding the signs for the outdoor ranges and main club. A mock piece of the material to be used for the signs was passed around. Mike Healy did a powerpoint presentation of the sign wording and also of the main club sign design. A vote was held to determine whether the website should be in all caps or individual words capitalized on the club sign. Majority voted in favor of individual words being capitalized. Motion was made to spend up to $800 on the signs. The motion was 2nd and all voted in favor. The Club recognized Harold Almquist, who will be 96 next week! He joined the club in 1948! Due to a voluntary resignation, we will be having an interim Board Director member until the election in November. The tractor is ready and we will be getting it in the spring. A Work Party will be held on Sat March 12th at 9am to clean up the inside and outside (outside weather pending). Members were urged that if they speak with someone regarding membership, be sure to tell them they have to be an NRA member. If they need to join, we can get them a discount! The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, April 4, 2022 at 7:30pm.

#From the February 7, 2022 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. Wayne received bids for the club equipment that was for sale, for the Dillon Reloading Press, the Lead Sled and the Rest. Don H. won the bid for the Lead Sled, Tim S. bid on and received the Rest and Boyd won the Lead Sled. The Board has revisited getting signs for the club and ranges. Gary B. is getting prices to bring up at the next Board Meeting. When attending a Club Meeting, make sure to sign in on the sign-in sheet to get credit for being here! Friends of NRA tickets are available, the dinner for our Chauautqua County event will be Saturday, March 26th at the Frewsburg Legion. Please help sell pre-event tickets! There will a mailing party on Tuesday, February 15th at 7pm at the Frewsburg Legion, volunteers are appreciated! The Club Leagues need to submit dates for the Board to approve to put on the calendar! The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, March 7, 2022 at 7:30pm.

#From the January 3, 2022 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. It was reviewed that anyone who is interested in bidding to purchase the Dillon Reloading Press (and accessories), Scale, Shooting Rest and Bag Rest, to please turn in your sealed bid to Wayne ASAP. The bids will be opened and buyers determined at the February Club Meeting on Monday, February 7th. The Board had asked that a Rep for each league to please come to the Board Meeting on December 27th to set the 2022 schedule and no one showed up. Dave Allen suggested that members could get their Work Party in by cleaning the Club prior to the Pistol Permit Classes. George Wiedenhofer started a fund to pay for headstones for 12 Soldiers Circle graves at Lakeview Cemetery. Donations can be made at the Cemetery. The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, February 7, 2022 at 7:30pm.