This page provides the latest news and updates for Club Members from Club Meetings, as well as to provide information to the Membership from the Board of Directors.

#From the May 2, 2022 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. The Work Party on April 23rd went well and a lot got done outside. The Junior Club dinner went well last Thursday. The club computer is going down the tubes and it was recommended to get a new one. A motion was made for a newer computer, motion was 2nd and approved. Larry will order the Port-A-Johns for the parking lot. There will be a Hunter Ed Class on May 22nd; students have to go online to do the required work first! Wayne said there are old scopes and shooting coats from the attic which we need to get rid of. Another Work Party is scheduled for Sat May 14th at 9am to put the signs up. Benchrest starts Sat May 7th and Silhouette starts the 21st along with JAWS. Wayne spoke with Tri-James about the gravel; he just needs to get a check and go get it to put around where the cement pad on the 50yd range is to grade off. Fundraiser tickets for the Guernsey Hollow Cemetary are available. The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, June 6, 2022 at 7:30pm.

#From the April 4, 2022 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. The Work Party cleaned up and organized the attic. Wayne said there are a number of items to be trashed or sold. At the March 28th Board of Directors Meeting, Mike Jackson was voted to assume the position of Interim Board Director until the next scheduled vote in November. The tractor was delivered on April 4th. One of our Juniors, Ben D'Angelo, received an invitation to compete in the USA Shooting National Junior Olympic Championships at Hillsdale College. A motion was made for the club to donate $550 toward his expenses. Motion was 2nd and approved. Wayne recognized Kathy Benware and Al Bean for their awards during the 2021-2022 Sporterifle Season. Another Work Party was scheduled for Sat April 23rd at 9am to clean the club, parking lot and put up the gates. The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, May 2, 2022 at 7:30pm.

#From the March 7, 2022 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. If anyone still has Friends of NRA tickets, please turn them in to Charlie. Bill Squire did an audit on the club books with Larry and said everything was in good order. There has been ongoing discussion regarding the signs for the outdoor ranges and main club. A mock piece of the material to be used for the signs was passed around. Mike Healy did a powerpoint presentation of the sign wording and also of the main club sign design. A vote was held to determine whether the website should be in all caps or individual words capitalized on the club sign. Majority voted in favor of individual words being capitalized. Motion was made to spend up to $800 on the signs. The motion was 2nd and all voted in favor. The Club recognized Harold Almquist, who will be 96 next week! He joined the club in 1948! Due to a voluntary resignation, we will be having an interim Board Director member until the election in November. The tractor is ready and we will be getting it in the spring. A Work Party will be held on Sat March 12th at 9am to clean up the inside and outside (outside weather pending). Members were urged that if they speak with someone regarding membership, be sure to tell them they have to be an NRA member. If they need to join, we can get them a discount! The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, April 4, 2022 at 7:30pm.

#From the February 7, 2022 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. Wayne received bids for the club equipment that was for sale, for the Dillon Reloading Press, the Lead Sled and the Rest. Don H. won the bid for the Lead Sled, Tim S. bid on and received the Rest and Boyd won the Lead Sled. The Board has revisited getting signs for the club and ranges. Gary B. is getting prices to bring up at the next Board Meeting. When attending a Club Meeting, make sure to sign in on the sign-in sheet to get credit for being here! Friends of NRA tickets are available, the dinner for our Chauautqua County event will be Saturday, March 26th at the Frewsburg Legion. Please help sell pre-event tickets! There will a mailing party on Tuesday, February 15th at 7pm at the Frewsburg Legion, volunteers are appreciated! The Club Leagues need to submit dates for the Board to approve to put on the calendar! The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, March 7, 2022 at 7:30pm.

#From the January 3, 2022 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. It was reviewed that anyone who is interested in bidding to purchase the Dillon Reloading Press (and accessories), Scale, Shooting Rest and Bag Rest, to please turn in your sealed bid to Wayne ASAP. The bids will be opened and buyers determined at the February Club Meeting on Monday, February 7th. The Board had asked that a Rep for each league to please come to the Board Meeting on December 27th to set the 2022 schedule and no one showed up. Dave Allen suggested that members could get their Work Party in by cleaning the Club prior to the Pistol Permit Classes. George Wiedenhofer started a fund to pay for headstones for 12 Soldiers Circle graves at Lakeview Cemetery. Donations can be made at the Cemetery. The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, February 7, 2022 at 7:30pm.

#From the December 6, 2021 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. Thank you to everyone who helped at the Work Party on Sat Nov 13th! The kitchen cupboards were cleaned out, as well as the vault. Due to the weather, the range gates still need to be installed. Mike Healy explained that all the club forms have been updated so they will have the same format and will collect the info needed to update the Membership database. It was determined that the club no longer uses the Dillon Reloading Press (and accessories), a Scale, a Shooting Rest and a Bag Rest. Therefore they are for sale by sealed bid, which is to be turned in to Wayne Wedburg at the February Club Meeting. If you are interested, be sure to turn your bid in to Wayne ASAP! The Board requested that a Representative from each league that uses the club to come to the Board Meeting on December 27th to set the schedule of upcoming dates for 2022. The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, January 3, 2022 at 7:30pm.

#From the November 1, 2021 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. At the Work Party on Oct 9th it was too wet to get the gates up so Wayne would like to schedule another work party on Saturday, November 13th at 9am to put up the gates and clean out the cupboard above the fridge in the kitchen. Everyone is happy with the light in the parking lot! Nominations opened up again for Board seats. A motion as made to cast a unanimous ballot to keep the current slate of the Board of Directors the same with Wayne Wedburg as President, Charlie Cardinale as Vice President, Larry Marvell as Treasurer, Jennifer Schmitt as Secretary and Boyd Shaffer, Gary Babcock and Dave Bacchus as Board Members. The motion was 2nd and passed, all approved, none opposed. The New Junior Class started the first Thursday in October, we have 3 kids in class getting ready to transition in to the regular Junior Program. Mike Healy reviewed the updated version of the ByLaws with updates and re-formatting. A motion was made to pass the new ByLaws as written and to be made effective immediately. Motion was 2nd. Vote took place by all eligible voting members present, all voted in favor, none opposed. Dave explained that we have new forms for the membership, club and work party attendance. Please fill out the new form! The Tuesday night 4P League will start Tuesday, November 9th. Sporterifle has been going since September, numbers are way down, come down and shoot! All members involved in running/helping in the leagues/programs get work party credit! The Board is still discussing if it will adjust the Life Member rate to help with the annual insurance cost. Don't forget to vote tomorrow! The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, December 6, 2021.

#From the October 4, 2021 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. The Parking Lot Light is on, the pole was put up last Thursday. There will be a Work Party on Saturday, October 9th at 9am to move the 50yd cover back over the new cement pad and to also put the gates up between the outdoor seperation walls. The Rifle Club sold 653 tickets this year for the Legion Raffle, which was way over what was sold last year! New for 2022, for the USA Shooting Junior Olympic matches that we host for the Juniors, host clubs have to be a USA Shooting Member Club. A motion was made and a vote took place to join USA Shooting as a Member Club and pay the 5-year rate which is $150. Vote was all in favor, none opposed. The Friends of NRA Grant for 2021 is open, we need to apply ASAP. The Chaut. County Friends of NRA Committee will reconvene on Tuesday October 12th at 7pm at the Frewsburg Legion to explore options for a possible future dinner. All are welcome to attend! Dave will be retiring, so as of next year we will need a new "Chief Mower". Anyone who is interested, please let the Board know. A question about the drainage on the 100yd range was brought up, wondering if it had been done yet. Some work has been done and some is still in progress. Nominations for the Board Officers took place. No new nominations were made for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Pat's Board Seat term is up for renewal this year and Pat said he will not run again. Dave Bacchus was nominated and accepted to run for that spot. The remaining officers in place accepted their nomination to remain in their respective positions. Mike Healy went over the ByLaws revisions and their reformatting again. The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, November 1st at 7:30pm.

#From the September 13, 2021 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. Wayne reported that the tractor is paid for and will be delivered next year. We will be putting a grant in for it next year. We received $2000 for the old tractor. Regarding the Lighting Project, the cement base and wiring are in and the pole will be put in next week. The tickets were sent out for the Gun Raffle at the Legion on October 3rd. Please turn in the tickets to Charlie / Dave or Boyd ASAP! The 50yd range cover was moved and the cement floor will be poured in 2 weeks. The Junior Club will be holding a New Junior Class starting Thursday, October 7th and will run each Thursday from 6:30-8:30pm through October 28th. We haven't had a class for the past 2 years due to COVID! If anyone has a youth interested in taking the class, please let Wayne and Jen know! Kudos to Mike Healy, Larry and Gary Babcock for all the work they have done on revising the ByLaws! Mike reviewed the changes/revisions and new format to the Membership present. The ByLaws will be presented at this and the next (October) meeting and will be voted on at the November meeting. Sporterifle League will be starting on Friday, September 17th. The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, October 4th at 7:30pm.

#From the August 2, 2021 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. The Parking Lot Light Project will start once the pole and light heads come in. The ByLaw Committee is still working on changes and will have more to report at a later time. Vern Crandall is doing the lawn mowing, thank you Vern! Discussion took place regarding the mower: Wayne got a couple quotes from Greenhill Farms for mowers. A Kubota 2301 23hp with deck is $16,700; A Kubota 2601 26hp with deck is $17,700. The club got an offer for the old mower of $2,000 which is what the trade-in value is. A motion was made for the Board to spend up to $18,000 max for a new tractor and mowing deck. The motion was 2nd and approved by the membership present. The next in-person Club Meeting will be held Monday, September 13th at 7:30pm, NOT on Monday September 6th as that is the Observed Labor Day Holiday.

#From the July 12, 2021 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. The NRA Range Grant for the parking lot was done and submitted at the end of June. Wayne will schedule a date with Alstrom Shaffer to start the project; the tentative starting date will be at the end of August. The ByLaws Committee is still working on the updates. An update on the mower deck was given. It is too thin to weld. The center drive pulley broke, so now there's a big hole in the deck that we can't fix. We may need someone to come and mow the lawn until we get a new mower. Discussion took place regarding a new mower. Wayne saw an ad for a new mower with 0% down and 0% interest for 7 years. It was determined that a zero-turn would not be practical with our lawn as it would get stuck when the lawn is wet and soggy. The current mower is from 1993; we need to get something that will last another 30 years. Vern will be happy to mow until we get a new mower. Further discussion regarding a new mower will take place at the Board Meeting on Monday, July 26th at 7pm. We need to get the dehumidifier hooked up in the vault but we will need to figure out how to drain it. The Chautauqua County Federation of Sportsmen will be having a steak-fry fundraiser at the Lakewood Rod and Gun Club on Saturday, August 14th from 4-7pm. Tickets are $25/each, see Charlie Cardinale for tickets. The Hunter Education Class can resume having classes in person with up to 60 students but must maintain the 6' distancing. Charlie won't do another in-person class until more restrictions are lifted. The online classes are still going but there are concerns regarding what is being taught online. The next in-person Club Meeting will be held on Monday, August 2nd at 7:30pm.

#From the June 7, 2021 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. The NRA Range Grant is now open; a committee will get together soon to get it completed. Wayne will follow-up more wth Don Hook regarding putting the cement floor at the 50yd range. Larry reported that no new mower decks are available through Kabota. We will need a replacement deck by next summer. It was welded but not able to be fully fixed. A suggestion was made regarding getting a pull-behind deck instead; there is concern with using that on the wet ground. For the Parking lot project, Alstrom Shaffer's bid beat Trinity. The pole itself would be 30' tall with a 3' base up from the ground. There was discussion regarding replacing the bulbs; we could have someone come with a bucket truck to replace the bulbs. There will be 2 LED lights on the pole and we can always add additional bulbs if needed. We would have the ability to run electric service to the 50yd range from the pole if needed. A motion was made to move ahead with the 2" conduit line Alstrom Shaffer quote for $8113.00. Motion was 2nd and all in favor. There were enough members present to have a full quorum so the vote is official. We will put in an NRA Grant for this project. If anyone has knowledge of other grants we can apply for to fund this project, please let the Board know. The ByLaw Committee is working on the revisions; there were no new updates at this time. We will be putting up gates in the gaps along the Wall. We need gates because at the last JAWS class someone went behind the building and walked out downrange while the range was hot. A motion was made to get the gates, motion was 2nd and passed. The next in-person Club Meeting will be held on Monday, July 12th at 7:30pm, NOT on July 5th as that is an observed holiday for July 4th.

#From the May 3, 2021 Club Meeting: An in-person meeting was held. We currently have a committee working on reviewing/re-writing the ByLaws. It's been a while since we had our last in-person meeting; all Board Meeting minutes from the previous months are online under the "News" section of the website. We have 2 sets of quotes from both Alstrom Shaffer and Trinity for the parking lot lighting project. For a single pole, the quote from Trinity is $7,370; the quote from Alstrom Shaffer is $5,590 (both include trenching and setting the pole). We are looking at putting in a grant after June 1st for the lighting. Wayne will meet with the reps for both companies to go over this project more. We need approved high/low cost points from the Membership to work with. Pat Hayes suggested we keep the cost below $10,000 for both companies. We need enough members for a quorum, so will bring this up again at the June 7th meeting. Don Hook's son is willing to put concrete under the 50yd cover outside at his own expense. We will need volunteers to help with moving the cover so we can put the concrete in. Discussion took place regarding how much longer we will use the current tractor vs. getting a new one. The mower deck isn't being made anymore and this one no longer works. It's worth looking in to. We still have JRC hats for sale for $10 if anyone would like one. A Work Party was scheduled for Tuesday May 4th at 4pm to help clean up the target room. The next in-person Club Meeting will take place on Monday, June 7, 2021 at 7:30pm.

#From the April 26, 2021 Board Meeting: It was confirmed that we will resume in-person Club Meetings beginning Monday May 3, 2021. Port-A-Potties will be ordered again for the outdoor range use. Discussion took place regarding Life Memberships; Members aged 65+ with 5 consecutive years will initally pay $100 for the Life Membership, then will be charged $10 every year thereafter for the club insurance. An in- person meeting will be held Monday, May 3, 2021.

#From the March 29, 2021 Board Meeting: In-person Club Meetings will continue to be cancelled until further notice due to COVID, so there will NOT be an in-person Club Meeting on Monday, April 5th. Enough time has passed that it was able to be determined that the insulation that was put under the new siding on the building is helping to decrease the heating costs. Due to the most recent developments with the vaccines, it was determined that we will have in-person meetings again starting in May. We need to address the lighting in the parking lot and the drainage on the outdoor ranges. For the parking lot lighting, Wayne will need to compare the quotes we received from Trinity and Alstrom Shaffer. The quotes will be brought up at the May meeting. We will schedule a Work Party to put up backers on the outdoor ranges at the May meeting. We may get the wood from the Amish to save on the cost. The April and June Permit Classes are full and there were 4 spots left for the class in August. It's time to do another club target order; Wayne & Jen will figure out the order and get it to Boyd. The railroad ties along the driveway to the 100yd range need to be fixed. The stones will also need to be raked back into the driveway before mowing starts. There was discussion to submit the NRA Range Grant this year to upgrade the parking lot lights. The next Board Meeting will be Monday, April 26, 2021.

#From the February 22, 2021 Board Meeting: In-person Club Meetings will continue to be cancelled until further notice due to COVID, so there will NOT be an in-person Club Meeting on Monday, March 1st. The NRA Gold Level Club application for 2021 has been submitted and the NRA Range Grant Final Report has been completed and submitted as well. There was concern over what NYSRPA is doing in light of the current political situation. It was suggested that if members aren't happy they need to contact NYSRPA and let them know. An update was given for the ByLaws; it is being decided what aspects of Roberts Rules of Order to include. Discussion took place as to the current setup for the Pistol Permit Class and the ClassLoaderPro program. Replacing the backer boards on the Indoor Range was discussed. It was decided that we will wait until the summer to assess replacing them. The Board will assess the current COVID situation at the March Board Meeting, to determine when we can start in-person meetings up again. Dave installed the new instant-on so we have hot water again! The next Board Meeting will be on Monday, March 29, 2021.

#From the January 25, 2021 Board Meeting: In-person Club Meetings will continue to be cancelled until further notice due to COVID, so there will NOT be an in-person Club Meeting on Monday, February 1st. We will be getting the NRA Gold Level Club Grant report done and submitted soon. We are looking at pursuing applying for another grant this year to upgrade the lighting in the parking lot. Jen needs dates for the 2021 calendar asap. Leagues will also need to submit their 2020 participation numbers soon for the CMP Annual Club Report due in April. Will Ortman presented proposed amendments to the ByLaws, which the Committee had discussed. Proposed amendments include: Adoption/Use of the Roberts Rules of Order; Provision that in case of an emergency where the membership cannot meet (such as now with COVID) that the Board can vote to continue conducting business to operate the club; A provision for designation of the signatories for the banking; A provision for the designation of the different groups/entities which are operating within the club; To create a Standard Operating Procedure for financial record keeping of monies by groups in the club; and Establishing range fees for groups operating within the club. The ByLaw Committee will continue to meet and discuss proposed amendments to the ByLaws and will present said proposals to the Board. The next Board Meeting will be on Monday, February 22, 2021.

#From the December 28, 2020 Board Meeting: Due to COVID restrictions, it was determined that we will continue to just have Board Meetings and not hold in-person Club Meetings until further notice. Discussion regarding updating the ByLaws took place. The Board also discussed creating a position of Assistant to the Secretary to help with the load and decided that the meeting/work party requirements for Membership will be temporarily waived this year due to COVID restrictions. A Work Party was scheduled for Saturday January 23rd at 9am to clean out the Indoor Range. The next Board Meeting will take place on Monday, January 25, 2021.

#From the November 30, 2020 Board Meeting: It was determined at the Board Meeting that since current COVID guidelines are becomming more restrictive as to group size, that it is in everyone's best interest for us to once again cancel all upcoming in-person club meetings until further notice. Therefore, there WILL NOT BE A CLUB MEETING ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 7th. The Board will continue to meet once a month to conduct essential club business and will assess as to when we can return to having in-person meetings again. Notices will be posted on the website, Facebook page, whiteboard and also on the front door to the club. Members, be sure to watch these places for the latest updates which will be made available as soon as known.

#From the November 2020 Club Meeting: An in-person Club Meeting was held. Dave said that the solar light put up in the parking lot doesn't work good on cloudy days, so scrap it. Wayne will get quotes for a new light and will report that at the next meeting. Larry made a motion to include the Roberts Rule of Order into the ByLaws. Motion was 2nd and approved after discussion. It was agreed upon that the ByLaws need to be refined. A Committee was formed for that purpose. More committee members will be added next month. Plans to hold a new junior class are on hold for a couple weeks. Gary Babcock and Wayne worked on the pop machine bill changer, so it works now. Mike Healy suggested that we look into scheduling events for next year to avoid conflicts. The Tuesday night 4P smallbore league will start up on November 10th. Be sure to vote! The next meeting will be Monday, December 7th at 7:30pm.

#From the October 2020 Club Meeting: An in-person Club Meeting was held. Dave said that the PVC target holders were put in on the 100yd line, so now the snow fence can go back in. During the work party, they also started on the pole lighting project for the parking lot. Dave will try to get the solar light up on the pole this weekend. Gary Babcock was contacted by the NRA; we will be getting the NRA Gold Level Club Grant this month. Thank you to everyone who helped at the work party! Larry announced that we are trying to get a group together to do an NRA Pistol Instructor Class. Mickie has been in contact with an NRA Training Counselor in Ohio who could come here and do the class for $250 over 2 days (Fri/Sat). A $50 pre-class has to be done online by students prior to the 2 day class. Larry will contact the County and area clubs to spread the word to get students. They need at least 5/6 students to run the class. The New Junior Class originally set for October 10th has been cancelled; we are looking to reschedule it to next month. If anyone knows any Junior who would like to take the class, let Wayne and Jen know. Charlie opened the floor for nominations. Dave's Board seat is up for re-election this year. Dave said he will not be running to keep it. Nominations were opened for the vacated seat. Gary Babcock was nominated, unopposed. The motion was made for the Secretary to cast a vote for the slate of current Officers to remain the same. The motion was 2nd and passed. Congratulations to Gary for becoming the newest member of the Board and we give a huge THANK YOU to Dave for all of his years of service! Since we will not be doing the Deer Shoot this year, slugs will be sold; see Dave. The next meeting will be Monday, November 2nd at 7:30pm.

#From the September 2020 Club Meeting: An in-person Club Meeting was held. Wayne updated everyone as to the completion of the Wall Project, which he said went good. When we mailed out the vote to complete the wall, 3 members returned their vote with a donation, thank you! Those donations helped to pay for the extra 12' of wall that we needed. Wayne also reached out to the NRA to claim the $1,900 we were granted in November 2019 again; we were still waiting on receiving the check. The NRA Gold Level Club Grant was submitted in June and we should hear back soon. Charlie reported that as of September 1st, that the NYSDEC are not doing their Hunter Education classes online anymore, but no one was holding classes in person yet. Wayne reviewed the circumstances surrounding the ditching project. The Board paid $500 so we need to vote to pay the remaining $1,100 to Gary Lucas. Motion was made, 2nd and passed. We will need to do behind the 50yd berm too at some point; we'll try to see if Gary Carlson can help with it. During the Pistol Permit Class, the hot water went out. Dave replaced the batteries in the instant on, it worked for a while then went out again. He also ran a bunch of Iron Out down it but we need to decide what to do from there. It is believed that the instant on is around 10-15 years old. Dave will get someone down here to look at it; we may need to replace the unit if it can't be fixed. Dave also said that we will need to do a Work Party to replace the pipes back on the 100yd berm for 24/25 target holders. A Work Party was scheduled for Saturday, October 3rd at 9am. Sporterifle league will start this Friday, September 18th. Relays will be at 4/4:30pm and 6/6:30pm. Mike Healy said he would like to speak with the Pistol Permit Instructors after the meeting tonight. The next meeting will be Monday, October 5th at 7:30pm. This will be our Annual Meeting, so per the Bylaws, nominations and elections for the Board will take place.

#From the August 2020 Club Meeting: As group size restrictions allow for up to 50 people indoors, an in-person Club Meeting was held for the first time since early March. Under Old Business, Jen read the highlights which took place at the Board Meetings which occured while we weren't able to have Club Meetings. These are the same updates which have been posted here for everyone to view. Gary Lucas was currently in the process of building the remaining part of the Wall Project. Wayne did claim the grant for the $1,900 that we were awarded from the 2019 Friends of NRA Grant; we are still waiting on the NRA to send it to us. We did complete and submit the 2020 NRA Gold Level Club Grant in June and we should hear back about it in September. Wayne also discussed the ditch project to drop the 100yd berm by 2 1/2 feet so it will be covered better by the Wall and also to improve the drainage down there as well. Gary Lucas was asked about doing it while he was here and gave us a quote for $1,600 to complete it. We will need to have a Membership vote to do this. The attendance at tonight's meeting was only 9 people (including Board Members), so there was not the required number per the Bylaws to do a vote. The vote will be pushed to the September 14th Club Meeting. Dave also spoke with our neighbor and he is ok with us ditching out the downrange area to improve the drainage. Under New Business, discussion took place regarding Life Membership dues and our insurance paid per member. In order to better cover the insurance cost per member, Dave made a motion to raise the one-time Life Membership fee from the current $75 to $100. The motion was 2nd and all were in favor. Jen looked and it doesn't look like there will be a Friends of NRA Grant offered in 2020. The website says the grant application for 2020 will close on September 4th, 2020 but there is no application available. Since there was only 1 dinner that ran in all of NY prior to the COVID-19 crisis, unless something changes, it is unlikely that the NRA will have the funds to offer a grant this year. Floyd doesn't think they're going to be able to do any in-person hunter safety classes this Fall. Everything is online now and it may stay that way. As of right now, the Board is unsure as to the status of the Fall Leagues being able to run. This includes 4-P League, Pistol, Juniors and Sporter/Light Rifle. There are concerns as to how we can run these leagues while following safety mandates indoors. All we can do is wait and see what the situation is when we get closer to the league start dates. It will be put on the website that the Deer Shoot and Breakfast are officially cancelled for 2020. We will need to figure out what to do instead. Tim Mara purchased the old Junior Trailer. When he and Wayne went to look at it, they found that the lock on the back had been cut, so someone had broke into it. Fortunately nothing was stolen! Unless anything changes, the next Club Meeting will also be in-person and will be on Monday, September 14th at 7:30pm.

#From the July 2020 Board Meeting: There was not a club meeting both due to the social distance guidelines and the fact that we usually don't have a club meeting in July under normal circumstances, anyway. On July 6th the Board met to assess current updates and to conduct essential club business. Resuming the Pistol Permit Classes was discussed. We are now allowed to have up to 50 people indoors. We will start with a small class size as we will need to maintain social distancing. Masks will need to be worn by everyone. JAWS will purchase a forehead thermometer to use for the Pistol and JAWS classes. Covid instructions will be put on ClassLoaderPro. The dates will be registered with the County and we will add dates for July and September to the existing schedule. Mike will reach out to the students already registered for August and the email inquiries to see about rescheduling first before we open registration to the public. JAWS was then discussed. They had to cancel their classes in March and May; they would like to start classes up again with two classes held on Saturday, July 25th at 10am and 1:30pm. They will only do pistol outside in order to maintain social distancing. Masks will be required for anything closer then 6 foot. Food for lunch will not be brought as was in previous classes in order to maintain safety and everything will be wiped down between students/classes. They will also get gloves for people to wear while shooting. It was asked if with the limit now up to 50 people if we will be able to resume doing the in-person club meetings. Using the indoor range instead of the clubroom, only having 1 table for use and chairs distributed every 6' was discussed. We will have our next Board Meeting on Monday, July 27th and will gauge it then based on what's going on in the world then and will post it online. During the 1st week in August, from the 3rd to the 7th, the outdoor 50 & 100 yard ranges will be closed due to work on the wall. The NRA Gold Medal Club Range Grant was made available online by NRA last month; a committee met twice in June and completed the grant and submitted it, so we have applied for that $5,000 grant as was discussed. The Deer Shoot was brought up. We are not sure what to do and have not received ideas from the Membership. We also don't know what the status of the pandemic will be at that time, so it's hard to decide what to do. We may do a PA Daily Number Drawing again instead; we're not sure, it will be discussed more at the next meeting. Again, the next Board Meeting will take place on Monday, July 27th to perform club business and to decide whether we will have an in-person club meeting in August or not.

#From the June 2020 Board Meeting: Once again there was not a club meeting due to the large group restrictions in place by the CDC and NYSDOH. On June 1st the Board held a Board Meeting to assess current updates and to conduct essential club business. Wayne will check with Gary Lucas to see if the 1st week in August is still on for the next stage of the wall project to be completed. He will let everyone know when the dates are confirmed and it will be put online for the members to see. Dave had one of the LED lights which were discussed to put up in the parking lot at the last meeting. He wants to put it on the corner of the building. It's solar powered so we don't have to run a wire to it. Discussion resumed about ditching out behind the 100 yard line. It will be discussed with Gary Lucas to see if he could do that while he's here putting up the wall. Resuming the Pistol Permit Classes was discussed. Sadly we cannot resume the classes until the group size limitation is increased to at least 20 so we could have the required number of instructors to students ratio. Larry gave the Financial Report and a motion was made and passed to pay the bills. Wayne addressed that the dehumidifyer still needs to be hooked up and a drain line run. Craig asked if he could run the IDPA Match this month. He won't run 2-Gun. It was determined that was ok, so two IDPA relays with 10 shooters each will run to stay compliant with distancing guidelines. Gary Babcock said that the NRA Gold Level Club Grant was supposed to open this week. He will watch for it and when it opens he'll let Wayne and Jen know so we can get a group together to get the paperwork done. Dave suggested we have a Work Party to cleanup the outside. New snowfence needs to be put up and new 2x4 frames for them built. A Work Party is scheduled for Saturday, June 6th at 9am. Charlie asked if we were still thinking about expanding the cover over the outdoor 50yd line. Yes, we are still planning on doing that sometime in the future after the wall is up so we know what room we have to work with. Jen asked if group size guidelines are lifted/upped by the end of the month, will we have a Club Meeting in July or not, since we usually don't. It was decided irregardless to not have a Club Meeting in July. Hopefully we will be able to hold one in August but it's too early to tell at this time. Next Board Meeting will be Monday, July 6th.

#From the May 2020 Board Meeting: There was not a club meeting again in May due to the large group restrictions in place by the CDC and NYSDOH. On May 4th the Board held a Board Meeting to assess current updates and to conduct essential club business. Since the large group restriction was still in place, it was decided that there will most likely not be a Club Meeting in June as well. Wayne received an email from the NRA regarding the Friends of NRA Grant we had applied for. He is working on the process to claim the grant. Larry had the results of the mail-in vote that was sent out last month to all eligible voting members, regarding the future of the Wall Project. The results from the responses received were 139-YES to 11-NO. Roughly 30 ballots were mailed back incomplete or unable to read so they were not counted, but they were not enough to effect the outcome of the vote. Therefore, work on the Wall Project will continue. Thank you to everyone who mailed in their vote! Wayne got an email asking if JAWS could resume. Sadly, until the restrictions change, nothing can. Jen said that both CMP and NRA had cancelled their National Matches this summer, so without them running, there was no real push for us to try to run the Smallbore 3P and Prone Outdoor Matches in May and June (sadly, not like we could run them anyway). The status of the Pistol Permit Classes were discussed. Hopefully things will be open to run in August. Discussion took place regarding hunting seasons opening with the shutdowns; NYS is now currently offering the Hunter Safety classes online so that people can still take them. Boyd said eight 40lb. bags of sand were put in the backstop during the Work Party in March. Larry gave the Financial Report and a motion was made and passed to pay the bills. Discussion took place about possibly getting more lighting for the parking lot. Dave will look into lights and prices; further discussion will take place at a later time once he has more info. Four Members sent in donations along with their votes; Wayne said he will call each Donor to thank them. Thank you for your donations! :) Discussion also took place regarding looking at the drainage by the backstop on the 100 yard range. Further discussion will take place at a later date. Right now with everything on hold, Betty is working from home by mail. She is mainly only able to do firearm additions to existing Pistol Permits. She is not able to process new Permits as the State isn't doing anything with the Mental Health background checks, so processing new Permits is all on hold for the time being. Next Board Meeting will be Monday, June 1st instead of a Club Meeting due to size restrictions still being in place.

#From the April 2020 Board Meeting: There was not a club meeting in April due to the large group restrictions placed by the CDC & NYS Dept. of Health. On April 6th, the Board of Directors held a Board Meeting to asses current events. It was determined that all measures regarding cancelling all upcoming Club Meetings, Classes and Large Matches, which were currently in place as of mid-March, will continue until further notice. It was also determined that there would tentatively not be a Club Meeting in May unless something radically changed. Wayne gave an update on the Wall Project. He got a current quote from Gary Lucas; the quote is the same as before at $18,960 which includes everything except delivery and taxes of the blocks. Including that, the amount comes to $19,340. We will continue to watch for when the NRA is supposed to open application for the Gold Level Club Grant in early June so we can apply for it, which would total up to $5,000 we could get toward the project. This totals roughly $14,340 cost to complete the project. We need to get a vote on this topic ASAP, but since we cannot hold a Members Meeting at this time due to large group bans, how to go forward with this was discussed. The role of the Board in representing the membership regarding a vote to finish the wall was discussed. Since a quorum of the Board was present, a vote was held whether to finish the Wall Project. The vote was unanimous in favor to finish the project. In order to conduct an Official vote from the Membership in the best manner possible, it was decided for the Board to write a letter to send to each eligible voting Member, explaining the situation and financials, ask for the Member to put their name and vote Yes/No and then have them send it back in. Votes must be received by April 30, 2020 so that a decision can be made in a timely manner regarding the continuance of the project. All votes not received will be considered as abstaining. The letter will be drafted after the completion of the meeting and will be sent out to all eligible voting Members on file as of the night of the meeting (April 6, 2020) within the next couple days. It was agreed that we will order a Porta-John again for outside this year. Dave is still waiting on renewals from some members. All renewals must be in by April 30th. The Board will meet again in early May to determine the current operating status of the Club in regards to the latest info provided by the CDC and NYSDOH.

#From the March 2020 Club Meeting: Jen thanked everyone who came to the Friends of NRA Dinner on Saturday, February 29th. There was a great turnout and it seemed like everyone had fun! Thank you to all of our guests and Committee members, we made High Caliber Club for the 2nd year in a row! We have a Work Party coming up on Saturday, March 21st at 9am. We're going to clean up the backstop and replace some of the plywood on the Indoor Range. Dave discussed possible ballistic curtains. Discussion took place regarding either doing more maintenance on the backstop or would have to re-design the backstop if we get the ballistic curtains. Also disscussed putting up baffles to prevent shots going into the ceiling, but there is concern about the amount of weight that will add to the ceiling. The Board will discuss this further at the next Board Meeting. Ridgway will be hosting a CMP Highpower Clinic in May. Info sheets are on the table if anyone is interested. A Smallbore Benchrest shooter from the Syracuse area reached out to Dave; he's selling his stuff. Dave has printouts with the info for anyone interested. The Chaut. Co. Federation Banquet is Monday, April 20th. Tickets are $25/each. A motion was made by Larry to spend up to $200 to sponsor club members to go. The motion was 2nd and passed. Charles Youngberg discussed the upcoming NWTF Banquet on April 5th. He asked if we would like to sponsor/underwrite anything. Prices go from $40-$800. Pat made a motion to sponsor $200. Motion was 2nd by Floyd, motion was passed. Jen announced that one of our Juniors, Ben D'Angelo, placed 2nd in NY State in the USA Shooting Jr. Olympics Men's Air Rifle event this year! Ben was presented with his medal from USA Shooting. Gary asked if the club would be able to help sponsor Ben going to Colorado Springs to the National Jr. Olympic Championship in April. Floyd made a motion to sponsor $300 as Ben is a youth and they are the future. Motion was 2nd by Pat, motion was passed.

#From the February 2020 Club Meeting: Larry said that the February Meeting is usually when we make a donation to the Chaut. Co Friends of NRA. A motion to make a $600 donation was made, 2nd and passed. The last JAWS class went really well! Thirty-four women attended with a large percentage of them having not shot before. Jen thanked everyone who helped at the Junior Olympic Match in January. We also held an NRA Junior Sectional Match the previous weekend, congrats to Ben D'Angelo for winning the Smallbore Match! The next and last indoor match will be the NRA Open Smallbore Sectional in 2 weeks on Sat/Sun Feb 15-16th. Volunteers will receive Work Party credit. Dave brought up that there are a lot of holes in the ceiling that needs to be addressed. He wants to talk with a structural engineer as to what we can do to repair/reinforce it. This was discussed at the last Board Meeting. We are also looking at a ballistic rubber curtain to possibly prevent riccochets. There is a Work Party scheduled on Sat March 21st at 9am to clean out the backstop and address the ceiling issue. Discussion took place regarding us being a NRA Gold Level Club. There is concern over membership dropping. Charlie said it's too early to tell and we need more time to see the impact. Jen said it's also effecting membership with everyone moving out of NY State! Being a Gold Level Club also opens us up to more grants which is more money! There's a grant we can apply for that opens June 1st which we wouldn't be able to if we weren't a Gold Level Club. The next JAWS class will be Sat March 28th with classes at 10:30am & 1pm. Text or email Mickie to register. Brian assured he will review correct sight alignment/sight picture at the class. Raffle tickets are available for the Guernsey Hollow Cemetary fundraiser. Tickets are $10/each, see Gene to purchase them.

#From the January 2020 Club Meeting: Wayne was not at this meeting as he is recovering from a medical procedure. He is doing well but probably won't be here for the next month or so, so he can rest and heal. We all wish Wayne the very best in recovering and hope to see him soon! Charlie asked the membership for ideas for the Deer Shoot. No ideas were presented by the membership so Charlie and Boyd asked the members to write-up any suggestions and submit it to the Board to review. We need to figure something out soon! Larry asked if we want to place an ad in the Chautauqua Co Sports Hall of Fame Banquet Book. Motion was made to do so, motion was 2nd and passed. Jen said that coming weekend kicks off the Junior Indoor match season with the USA Shooting Jr. Olympic Match. Anyone who would like to help is welcome and will receive work party credit. The Indoor Range will be closed from 8am-4pm both days. Wayne and Bob Johnson have arranged for a Men's Christian Group to meet the 3rd Monday of the month starting in March from 6:30pm-7:30pm. All are welcome! Dave hung a small calendar on the board; we're looking at getting another big calendar like we've had. Pat brought up that at the last Board Meeting that due to the club paying for the insurance, that something needs to be kicked back to the club from the leagues/programs. Possibly a $1/person? Discussion took place as to what current programs such as JAWS and Sporterifle already financially contribute back to the club. It was decided that the Program Heads should come to the next Board Meeting on Mon Jan 27th at 7pm so we can work this out. Pat asked for a Work Party to work on the closet that the file cabinet will go in. Date was set on Sat Jan 18th at 9am. Dave said he's been looking at the membership. Our membership dropped after we became a 100% NRA Club. Keep in mind we always have a member turnover and we're still in the grace period for 2020 memberships. Brian brought up that we need an NRA Training Counselor closer to here. Jen is trying to become one, but NRA keeps making it harder to become certified; Jen explained the current process. Dave still has JRC hats for sale for $15. Charlie asked everyone to mark their calendars that Sat Feb 29th is the Friends of NRA Banquet. Regular dinner tickets are $35 and you get your choice of dinner, either Stuffed Pork Chop or Chicken Parm. Get your RSVP's in soon! The next JAWS will be Sat Jan 25th with classes at 10:30am and 1pm. Twenty women are already signed up for each class! The next club meeting will be Monday, February 3, 2020 at 7:30pm.